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Yoga classes and Energetic Balance

Yoga classes and Energetic BalanceYoga classes and Energetic BalanceYoga classes and Energetic Balance

Tuning Fork Therapy®, Essential Oils, & Raindrop Treatments

Tuning Fork Therapy®

  • Re-align your energetic vibration
  • Move stagnant energy to release tension
  • Activate or calm energy centers and/or organ systems in the body
  • Increase well-being without the use of pharmaceuticals
  • Access the energetic body and strengthen the aura field

We begin Tuning Fork Therapy® by discussing your individual needs. I then formulate a treatment with tuning forks to address your situation. I activate or calm certain area centers in your energetic and physical body to bring balance back to your overall system. You leave the session feeling relaxed and refreshed.

I am a certified Tuning Fork Therapy® practitioner. Tuning Fork Therapy is a healing modality using sound and vibration to heal the body and spirit. I use various tuning forks, tuned to different vibrational frequencies (notes) to bring healing to the body. Currently, I am certified to use tuning forks on the Chakras (energy centers), reflexology points, and acupressure points on the body. Using the tuning forks on the body helps to bring your body back into vibrational balance. Every day we come into contact with vibration. Many vibrations are natural - hearing a friend speak, feeling the wind in your face, feeling the motion of water. Many more vibrations are created by the electronics that are part of our daily lives - the hum of lighting, waves from a microwave, static from a television, signals from cell phones. Being constantly bombarded by all these vibrations can put our bodies out of balance. Much of the dis-ease that we feel is due to our energies just not being aligned. A tuning fork therapy session is designed to bring you back into balance.

Tuning Fork Therapy® can be combined with aromatherapy to further the strength of vibration within your body. Since all natural substances carry vibration, the use of plant essential oils together with tuning fork vibrations enhances your natural vibration, leaving you feeling your own inner power and light. Go to the WORKSHOPS section for information on workshops that include Tuning Fork Therapy®. 

Essential Oils

Mary has been using essential oils as a complement to her yoga and lifestyle since 2009. Since oils have become such a natural and important component of how she lives, she became a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. Mary regularly uses these amazing, therapeutic grade oils as part of her yoga practice and teaching, as well as in her home and family life. Essential oils help to bring balance to the body and mind. They can be uplifting or grounding. With over 300 single oil and blend combinations, Young Living's essential oil uses are almost endless.

Clients can purchase Young Living Essential Oils through Mary. Go to www.youngliving.com to find out more about Young Living's essential oil based products or contact Mary to find out which essential oils would support your lifestyle. Oils can be purchased directly through Mary or through the Young Living website using Mary's distributor number - 1178843. Mary does keep a large selection of oils on hand. So, if there is a scent you'd like to try, let her know. 

Essential oils can  be used in conjunction with a Tuning Fork Therapy session or a Yoga Session, as well.

Raindrop Treatments

Mary provides a service called Raindrop Treatment. In this treatment specific oils are dripped onto the back and lightly stroked into the spine area. Once the full group of oils has been applied, the client rests with a warm compress on the back to provide comfort and give the oils a chance to penetrate into the body. During this time, the client can rest or Mary can provide additional services, such as Tuning Fork Therapy®.  The purpose of Raindrop Treatment is to fight off any infections and to bring about a sense of balance.